Part 2, Electric Boogaloo: Pitch Wars 2017 Wish List



Since I’ve had some repeated questions about what I’m looking for, here are a few clarifications:

• I like all the fantasies. High fantasy, low fantasy, historical fantasy, diet fantasy, extra crispy fantasy—ALL OF THEM.

• Most sci-fi is good too. (When I say hard sci-fi isn’t really my thing, I mainly mean I’m not looking for heavily science-y sci-fi.)

• Dystopia = yes, please.

• Mermaids/angels/demons/ghosts/etc: While I’m not looking for these things to be the main focus of the plot, it’s totally fine if these things exist in your story or universe.

• Sexual assault/rape: Again, I won’t reject if these things exist in your story, so long as they are not gratuitous or your MC’s main motivations.

• Dead animals: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, again, this is okay if it’s a minor part of your story. (Just don’t you dare send me your updated fantasy version of Where the Red Fern Grows. Don’t. You. Dare.)


That’s it! And please, if you’re still wondering about anything, feel free to reach out to me in the comments or on the Twitters!



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